Concierge Services

Olde Raleigh Real Estate understands the need to have a dependable, responsible, trustworthy and honest right hand partner throughout the listing process, especially if there are repairs, renovations and additions that need to be made before listing your home. This is why Olde Raleigh Real Estate provides exclusive concierge services to our clients so that they may have peace of mind throughout the process.

Serve as project manager for small to large remodeling, renovations & additions.

To provide sellers who are working full time, or who cannot be home, the
confidence and security their project is being managed with 100% attention and full accountability.


  • Provide recommendations for resources
  • Work exclusively with owner’s resources
  • Be present for obtaining multiple quotes
  • Remain present for all work being done
  • Remain in your home while contractors come and go (never leave your home)
  • Keep watchful eye on contractors and their work
  • Serve as first contact if contractor has an issue/problem
  • Report issue to owner immediately
  • Be involved with issue resolution
  • Network with owner/ contractor
  • Assist contractor to maintain progress timeline going on project
  • Assume full responsibility for the safety & security of your home
  • Maintain record of hourly time commitment
  • Track budget & provide interim reports to owner
  • Track daily accomplishments and completion timeline.

This service provided by Olde Raleigh Real Estate is compensated via hourly wage – TBD due to scope & length of project.