Getting Ready To Sell

Staging Tips for Your Raleigh Real Estate Sale

Clear the Clutter

Living RoomThe first step to preparing your home for sale is to clear the clutter. Donate any unwanted items to charity, recycle your stacks of old magazines and have a yard sale. Clearing your space will drastically open up space in your home, making it more appealing to prospective buyers.

Rearrange Furniture

Move your furniture away from the walls and group them into more intimate groups. Be sure the arrangement is not blocking a natural traffic flow. You want the space to feel open and inviting. Feel free to move furniture to other spaces in the home. Move a side table to a window and top it with a lamp or other accessories.

Room Transformations

Repurpose a room that’s been used for storage into a liveable space. Move that side table from the living room into the space along with a soft cozy armchair will easily transform it into a cozy reading room.

Use Neutral Colors

Update the living room walls with a fresh coat of neutral colored paint. This will liven up the space and be more attractive to prospective buyers. Neutral extends way beyond beige or white. These days you have the choices that range from honey to soft blues and greens.

Bring Your Garden Indoors

You don’t need to break your budget buying a fresh flower arrangement. Look in your yard for inspiration and bring in splashes of color from the budding cherry blossom or blooming forsythia. Prospective buyers will be impressed knowing the clippings are from the yard.

Complete Unfinished Projects

No more putting off those home projects that you started a year ago. Now is the time to replace missing floorboards, fraying window screens or loose doorknobs. Any unfinished projects cause suspicion from potential buyers and could be deducted from the asking price.

Raleigh Home Selling Made Easier!

While there are many details to be handled during the sale of your Raleigh home, from preparing your home for the market, pricing the property correctly, negotiating offers, inspections, and so on, you can breathe easier knowing every detail will be handled on your behalf to your complete satisfaction. Contact us, your Raleigh real estate experts for more information about a complimentary pre-listing consultation today!

Request Your Complimentary Home Evaluation

While many real estate agents still use the old fashion “PFA” (Pulled From the Air) method to determine the fair market value of your Raleigh home, we’ll remove all the guesswork when your home is evaluated.  Your Raleigh home will be priced properly using current data to perform a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). In the CMA, we’ll collect and compare data for homes that have recently sold in your neighborhood. This system will analyze Raleigh homes that are comparable to yours in terms of house size, lot size, improvements, locations, and schools. Contact us today!